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Working from Home

Where Executives
Level Out to Level Up

Latin for “True Life”, Verus Vita provides coaching designed to amplify your leadership and personal fulfillment.

Curious? Schedule a call with us to explore our offerings.

What We Offer

Our foundational offerings are below. However, our commitment is to craft a coaching experience that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, making each journey as unique as the leaders we serve.


At the conclusion of our Coaching Chemistry Call, we'll discuss how to build a coaching program to fit your unique needs. This customization ensures your chosen coaching path — whether it be a base offering or a more tailored solution — is perfectly aligned with your individual aspirations and challenges.

Personal Desk

1:1 Executive Well-being Coaching

Ideal for leaders seeking to refine their presence and organizations looking to invest in their top executives, this program sets the stage for profound organizational and personal advancement. Our coaching approach is designed to enhance leadership effectiveness and increase overall life satisfaction, ensuring lasting impacts both professionally and personally.

Executive Leadership Intensive

Engage on a transformative process designed to rapidly elevate your leadership capabilities. This intensive program focuses on enhancing key competencies like emotional intelligence and strategic communication for profound organizational and personal impact.

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Core Areas of Focus


Strategic Leadership


Work-Life Integration Strategies


Stress and Resilience Building


Emotional Intelligence in Leadership


Effective Team Management Techniques

Our Process


Coaching Chemistry Call

We’ll begin with a complimentary call to discuss your goals, our coaching approach, and engagement options - ensuring a good fit before moving forward.


Schedule Sessions

Once purchased, you can book your sessions at times that fit your schedule, using our user-friendly system designed for busy executives.


Registration & Payment

Secure your spot through the same portal you booked your Chemistry Call. Our seamless registration and payment process sets the foundation for our coaching partnership.


Coaching Begins!

Start your tailored coaching sessions, focusing on practical strategies and insights to advance your leadership and achieve your goals.

Let's Get To Know Each Other!

VVA Logos - Square Transparent BG.png

“We understand that high-performing individuals often face the challenge of balancing their career aspirations with their very real lives.

Our mission is to rewrite the narrative of success and create a world where individuals thrive through an integrated approach to life.”

Krista Darrell, Founder

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